Maureen is a vocal coach, teacher, voice specialist, and sound healer who is passionate about helping singers optimize and protect their voices. She is a Berklee College of Music trained vocalist and performer.

At any given time, Maureen can be found performing live on tour, singing in the studio with Grammy Award winning artists, producing vocals for established and developing artists, or in her private voice teaching studio helping professional vocalists prevent vocal injury and optimize their greatest vocal abilities.

Maureen has trained under top voice experts in the field, from voice instructors to voice scientists. She is dedicated to applying the highest level of research and clinical practice to every client she works with.

With over 30 years of voice training, experience and education, Maureen understands the incredible physical, mental and emotional demands that vocalists face. This knowledge, in combination with her expertise in voice science and physiology, allows her to connect with clients in an authentic and meaningful way that continuously produces life changing results. 

Maureen is currently accepting new clients in her new private voice studio, conveniently located at 332 White Bridge Pike Nashville, TN. Just minutes from Downtown Nashville.


“Lessons with Maureen leading up to recording the vocals for my album was one of the best decisions I made for the project. Not only did I feel confident and proud of my voice going into those specific sessions, but I felt an overall boost in my vocal ability in other aspects of my career. Maureen’s approach to teaching is both nurturing and knowledgeable. She truly cares about the people she instructs just as much as she respects the science behind vocal techniques. I walked away from lessons with better warm-up strategies, a more comprehensive understanding of my unique voice, and an excitement to grow in my singing! Can’t recommend Maureen enough!” -Jess Nolan, Recording Artist

“Maureen not only teaches voice backed up by years of study and technique, but with years of experience understanding the very being of a vocalist, intuitively, on a level of mastery that she can effortlessly relate to vocalists of all levels, helping them find and build their inner fire.” -Fimone, Recording Artist

“Working with Maureen has been the best decision I have ever made. She is not only guiding me to be the best singer I can be, but is also guiding me to find my truth as an artist and as a strong woman in the music business. There are no words to express my respect and gratitude for Maureen. She is simply the best.” -Jess Kellie Adams, Recording Artist

Voice Coaching RATES:

Monthly Subscription Payments

Private vocal sessions are arranged on a monthly subscription basis and paid in advance every month. Clients purchase session time slots for each week for the month. Payment for the total of all sessions that month is due on the date of the first coaching session.  All USD payment methods are accepted. Missed sessions: There is no refund for no shows or cancelled sessions.
Cancellation Fees: If you do not cancel your session within a 24 hour period there is an additional fee of $90.

Monthly Subscription:

4, 1 Hour Coaching Sessions = $360 per month USD

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Bi-weekly Subscription:

2, 1 Hour Coaching Sessions = $190 per month USD

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6, 1 Hour Coaching Sessions = $480 per month USD

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Single “TUNE UP” Coaching Sessions:

1 Hour Coaching Session = $150

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1/2 Hour Coaching Session = $75

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